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By Richard M. Hogg

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A Grammar of previous English, quantity II: Morphology completes Richard M. Hogg's two-volume research of the sounds and grammatical kinds of the outdated English language.

  • Incorporates insights derived from the newest theoretical and technological advances, which post-date most aged English grammars
  • Utilizes the databases of the Toronto Dictionary of previous English venture - a electronic corpus comprising a minimum of one replica of every textual content surviving in outdated English
  • Features separation of diachronic and synchronic concerns within the occasionally complex research of previous English noun morphology
  • Includes huge bibliographical insurance of previous English morphology

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Sg. sg. sg. in the simple a-stems, see also Hogg (1979: 68–73) and the discussion of the synchronic status of masc. 43–4. sg. would be re-formations from the oblique forms or the plural. 14. 19. pl. pl. 27(2)). 22, 25, with the consequence that high vowel apocope applies vacuously in such forms. 22 we might then assume *andijas > *endjæs > endes and *wctiju > *wctju > wctu. g. in *kunnju. 3 (b) The predicted development of light-stemmed nouns such as here would produce forms with /j/ before an inflexional vowel, thus her8es, her8e, her8as, her8a.

I-stems typically were declined according to the following paradigms: Singular Nom. Acc. Gen. Dat. Light Heavy wine friend wine wines wine dwl part dwl dwles dwle 38 Nouns: stem classes Plural Nom. Acc. Gen. Dat. 3 The loss of *-iz in the heavy stems was the cause of their more thorough assimilation into the category of a-stems. 61n1. pl. pl. inflexion in ChronA must be read in this light. 62. 61n1. 33 for discussion of whether or not this -e should be analysed synchronically as an inflexion. 7, the following masc.

Gen. Dat. sg. inflexion would have vocalized */w/, to give forms such as *baru. 42. neut. *saru, whose further development is as in (1) above. pl. 1 Nouns: stem classes 25 (3) If */w/ was vocalized to */u/, cf. sg. forms as PGmc *snaiwaz > *snaiu > sna ‘snow’, *dauwaz > *dbau > *dba ‘dew’. 3 sna. neut. 2 (4) If */w/ was vocalized to */u/, cf. sg. neut. forms like *cnewd > *cnewu > *cneu > cnbo. In OE, strba is restricted to the compound strbaberi8e ‘strawberry’, whilst the type cnbo occurs sporadically (not in Ælfric) alongside usual cnbow.

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