New PDF release: 6800 assembly language programming

By Lance A Leventhal

ISBN-10: 0931988128

ISBN-13: 9780931988127

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In this game, a one-point perspective is used. This means that distant objects appear to come from the centre of the screen. Rather than draw a lot of very small images at the vanishing point, it’s more sensible to assume a viewing plane. The viewing plane corresponds to the distance at which objects become visible. The two diagrams – at the top of this page and overleaf – show the position of the viewing plane, and the vanishing point as it appears on the screen. In the illustration of the viewing plane, the z-axis points from the centre of the screen straight towards the player and is perpendicular to the x-y plane.

Our Computer sprite already has the sound for this, or you can record/import a new one in its Sounds tab. We also add a repeat loop with two turn blocks to make the computer shake. 32 [ Chapter Six One] ] [ LEARN [ LEARNTOTOCODE CODEWITH WITHSCRATCH SCRATCH] ] >STEP-04 Create word lists You can’t make a poem without words. We’ll store ours in four lists: verbs, adverbs, nouns, and adjectives. Create each of these in Variables, by clicking the ‘Make a list’ button, then ‘For this sprite only’, and typing its name.

02 >STEP-02 Create your title screen background Create a new background image that you’ll be using for your game’s title screen. Ours is just a bright colour with the game title on it, but you could make something more elaborate if you like. On the background, add the scripts shown in Listing 2. They change the background between the title screen and the in-game background, and tell all the sprites to go into ‘title screen’ mode when the green flag is clicked. Ultimately, this should be the only time you use a when green flag clicked script.

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